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Green World Path

Green World Path manufactures a complete line of innovative organic and sustainable products that fertilize, protect, and reduce watering needs for anything that grows. Our products are utilized all over the world, in all sorts of growing environments like organic and conventional farms, hay, pastures, turf management, golf courses, municipalities, nurseries, lawns, gardens, and greenhouses.

We offer over 30 products to suit almost any need. Our laboratory and manufacturing facilities can build custom- blended formulations for whatever unique growing situation you may have.

With over 40 years in the green industry, Green World Path has the experience to help.

If you are currently using green products or are thinking  of going green in 2011, I am confident that  our company can offer you superior service . In fact, we are the only provider in the industry today that offers TOTAL™, ECO™, CEDAR GREEN™…….

The following are our best-selling products and their functions that we produce here. The formulas are produced here with our many years of experience and technology.  Also, these products are not available from any other source.  They are products that are needed by everyone and would be purchased by homeowners, backyard farmers, and small acreage growers.  They can be produced either organically or beyond organic with all natural ingredients.

1.    TOTAL™ - an all inclusive fertilizer we actually call a soil and crop “Nutraceuticals.” It is very high in energy for growing great vegetables, grains, turf and fruit. The product contains all minor elements (micronutrients). TOTAL™ also contains organic carbons.  These carbons are mined from land and sea, containing elements in nano form and totally available to the plants.  The product can be soil or foliage applied using 1-2 oz per gallon of water or approx. 8-10 oz per thousand sq. feet of soil or turf surface.

2.    OUTBOUND™ - produced from a selected group of essential oils - extracts from plants with a bite.  Not only deters and repels insects, but actually kills on contact. Produced through our own proprietary fermentation methods.  Also contains sucrose and antioxidants to improve the plant’s health, quality, production, immune systems and phyto-defense.

3.    ECO™ - applied on plant foliage, seeds or incorporated into the soil by tillage or wetting.  Controls fungus and mold.  Is also very effective against nematodes and other soil borne insects.  Manufactured completely from sustainable sources.

4.    H2O SAVE™ - an organic multi-link polymer.  Helps tie water to soil particles to reduce runoff from the soil and evaporation/transpiration through leaf tissue.  Also assists in stopping fertilizer and chemical runoff downstream and into the groundwater by controlling the release of nutrients for more effectiveness and reducing the amount of chemicals needed.  This is a real winner with all of the water laws, wars and mandates.

5.    YARDDEFENDER™ - select essential oils (again produced through fermentation) deter most pests, moles and snakes that annoy and confuse them.  It interrupts their sense of detection.

6.    NATURALLY GREEN LAWNS™ - this product keeps lawns green year round without nitrogen and phosphate is made from all natural ingredients, contains all minor elements, builds organic matter in the soil, has naturally occurring soil biological, and meets all mandates passed down from EPA, state and local.

7.    CEDAR GREEN™ - controls and kills all lawn (turf) soil borne pests.  Blended with all natural plant extracts, interrupts insect’s communication system, penetrates cuticle and respiratory system, replaces present toxic lawn chemicals with no re-entry delay whatsoever for people and pets, refreshing and pleasant spring aroma.

8.    BEST EVER MICRONUTRIENTS™ - provides essential elements for growing grass (turf) - yards, commercial, sports, municipalities; organically chelated; provides grass with stronger nutrition and energy to contend with stress such as drought, cold, heat, addresses deficiencies caused by improper pH.

9.    VERMITEA™ - is produced from night crawler type worms.  Their feces (poo) are higher in protein enzymes, amino acids, minerals.  Blend of nutrients and beneficial soil bacteria, soil or foliage applied; Soil-building  material and enzymes, plant growth stimulants, balanced by nature; Odor-free, all-natural organic nutrition; Binds loose soil into cohesive particles; stabilized for long shelf life;

10. HYDROGRO™ - specially produced for hydroponic growers growing without soil using a media type material such as cotton, coconut husk or just water.  This product has all major and minor nutrients  to grow most any plant from seed to maturity and harvest.

11. CEDARFOG™ - produced from select cedar wood oil and another essential oil that repels and kills bedbugs, fleas, ticks, lice, roaches, etc.  The product can be applied via a professional applicator company or by most any adult person using a hand held cold fogger.  We are working on placing this product in a pressurized 6-8 oz vessel for hotels, homes, etc.  The product is non-toxic, merely leaving the premises for 30 minutes, no cleanup of residue on furniture, counters, or other belongings.  A motel room can be rented soon after application.

12. WEBX™.  This product is made to spray apply indoors/outdoors where spiders normally build their webs – in corners, under roof gutters and eaves, and entryways of houses.  Depending on the market, it could be sprayed on the framework and even the cushions and tables of outdoor furniture. The product can also be used for commercial applications.  It is non-toxic.  The mode of action sets up a very slight aroma not noticed by humans, but is annoying to spiders and repels them.  Actually, if it is sprayed on an existing web with spiders, the spiders either go away or die.

13. GROWTOWERS™ - grow up to 10x more per square foot of ground space.  Greatly reduces water needs and usage, greatly reduces insect and fungus infiltration, can be used indoors in cold weather climates with use of grow lights as well as porches, decks, high rise building decks, backyards, etc.  A 10x10 ft growing area will feed up to 3 families garden fruits and vegetables.  Easy to care for, great conversational piece, beautifies yards, decks, etc., improves landscape  

14. INJECT™ - used in FERTIGATION injecting into the water line leading to the sprinkler heads small farm irrigation lines or hydroponic growing metered amounts of nutrition needed for plants.  This can be micronutrients, major and minor elements to grow healthy crops, flowers, herbs, etc.  It saves a great deal on nutrients feeding on the law of little bits and only what the plants can consume without waste and groundwater or downstream contamination.  Also saves application, work and money.  No need for employing lawn spray companies.  Normally would cut cost for homeowners by at least 50%.
We use words like “nutraceuticals” and “energy” vs. “fertilizer.”  Our products are designed to go to the cause to prevent the cause of fungus, insects and other infestations.  We don’t like using the word “pesticide” or “fertilizer.”  It is all about energy for the plants, building plant health, immune and phyto-defense, increasing yield, quality, health, and profits.

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